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Tax Day Tea Party San Diego 2013

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Help Protest Government
Tax and Spending

Monday April 15, 2013  4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Carmel Mountain Ranch Post Office, across the street


Message from Maggie Cooper, Liberty Tree Patriots, Poway California:

maggie cooper-180x180_72Taxed Enough Already !

On April 15th join your fellow concerned citizens exercise their 1st Amendment Rights to peacefully assemble and petition the Government about the current high level of taxation and the twenty (20) new taxes forced onto the American Tax Payer under the Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare. From 4:00 pm-7:00 pm we will be gathering across the street from the Carmel Mountain Ranch Post Office 1151 Rancho Carmel Drive, San Diego. CA.

Bring your tea party signs, American flags, banners and flyers. We are forecasting another large turn out of people this year. I hope to see you there !

For more information visit the Website at:  http://www.taxdayteapartysandiego.org/   and Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/TaxDayTeaPartySanDiego


Constitution Series Forum

Ramona-TP-Mar-30thDr. Wayne Iverson presents
The Determinators

AKA: The Obamacare Death Panels

When:  Saturday, March 30th, 2013

626 Main Street, Ramona CA


Doors Open at 11:00 am Program Begins at Noon


Ramona TEA’d is a Non-Partisan, Pro-Constitution Citizens Action Group
In The Heart of San Diego County
Visit us Online at: www.RamonaTEAd.com


Is the Tea Party Movement Dead ? I SAY NO !

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By Wayne Iverson, MD  –  San Diego


Doctors Tea Party Founders, Adam Dorin, MD and Wayne Iverson, MD

This has been a difficult election cycle with the Democrats succeeding “surprisingly” in so many races. Unfortunately many on our side thought the Republicans did something wrong, had the wrong positions, had problems with their messaging, even had too many folks of one particular ethnicity. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Democrats were more united behind their issues and candidates, and were willing to do whatever it took to get their guys elected. We all know how the media promotes the left and demonize those on the right. And we know that implementing voter fraud tactics is now SOP for Democrat victories in many races.The Tea Party movement will continue to be the grass roots activists in the conservative movement.

Tea Party Patriots has been an excellent example at a national level being an ISSUES BASED organization rather than a CANDIDATE BASED organization. As such, Tea Parties should push to have all candidates understand and see the wisdom in promoting Tea Party principles in their platform and deliberations in public office. But to do this, Tea Parties need to make sure they genuinely welcome all candidates for public office, even those running for the same office.

The Tea Party movement will be even more important this next election cycle as we move one step closer to restoring America.


By: Annette Teijeiro MD –  AAPS Nevada Chapter Coordinator
Former Candidate for Nevada State Senate

Annette Teijeiro, M.D.

It is interesting that most businesses favor government work because it usually pays well and once you have friendly legislators (usually through lobbying efforts/political contributions) who support you, the contracts keep coming your way. Unlike for hospitals, in our medical practice, the payment for healthcare services rendered to people on our government healthcare plans is the complete opposite. Medicaid patients are usually the most demanding, least compliant, the most litigious, the most labor intensive in workforce costs, heck the regulatory red tape is exhausting, and yet the lowest reimbursed. Medicare & TriCare have been heading down this path as well. Now the private health insurance plans are beginning with PPACA. I am sure Halliburton would not work under these conditions but doctors and nurses do.

By the way, all of this is happening along with increasing requirements for recertification by hospitals, health insurance networks, and state licensing boards in all practice areas since the late 1990’s which costs patients healthcare workforce time (less face to face hands-on time), directly thousands of dollars in new taxes, and indirectly thousands of dollars in wasteful unnecessary mediocre care. The worse part is it takes away time we could spend on patient care because of the weeks of preparation courses, time spent logging your patient procedure/treatment logs, and taking the actual exam. And, since we all have this incredible amount of free time on our hands (sarcasm noted), we also will spend our vacation and family time jumping through this unending mass of regulatory hoops. None of this has been proven to improve patient care but most of this will certainly take away from patient care. 

Interestingly, the lawyers do not have to do this, once they pass their state bar exam they are free to practice in almost any type of area of the law they choose and this can change whenever they freely decide to do so. They are only required to take Continuing Legal Education to maintain their license. This would be the equivalent of receiving your Medical Degree and then taking Continuing Medical Education to maintain your license but being able to practice any area of medicine you felt comfortable in. Unfortunately for doctors, the legislatures are composed of many lawyers, very few doctors, and our academicians lobby in favor of increasing their power over and collecting money from the private practice doctor at every turn. Please understand that this is a massively profitable business for the certification boards, academic institutions, and all at the expense of patients’ access to affordable care.

We need to stop this insanity before patients die! American trained quality experienced doctors are dwindling in numbers. About 25% of doctors are over the age of 55, many are turning to VIP/concierge practices, and some will retire early once the new healthcare law is fully implemented. There has been a noticeable change in the new doctors coming out of training in the last decade with less altruistic dedication, more expectation of a salaried predictable hours type positions & benefit packages, and less overall hands-on experience. Those trained prior to the 21st century were the best and the brightest of their time so they will do well in many other areas once they leave healthcare. Once they leave medical practice these very regulations will make it impossible to get them back. We must act now, time is short, 2014 is around the corner! 

Our federal and state governments are both accelerating this healthcare disaster at logarithmic rates. The government is making promises that it cannot keep by their own massive regulatory fiat. This is why making acceptance of Medicaid and Medicare mandatory along with the aforementioned requirements for state medical licensing will further escalate the disintegration of quality healthcare access. The Nevada State Legislature starts February 4, 2013 and the legislators begin orientation just before that in Carson City.

We the People can stop this insanity by educating the silent majority and organizing massive demonstrations of a diverse group of people. We need to speak now or forever hold our peace as we watch America disintegrate into a 2nd world and then a 3rd world country within our lifetime! Please join us now, we need everyone, the young, old, blue-collar & white-collar workers, retired, military personnel & veterans, rich, middle class & poor, every race or religion, etc… We are fighting for our LIVES now!


Physicians, Time To Do A Reality Check

On November 13, 2012, in Uncategorized, by admin

By Wayne Iverson, MD
San Diego, CA

Many of us have been working diligently this past 4 years and with the tremendous dislike for PPACA believed this would unravel or become undone. To the contrary, the US Supreme Court on June 24th left PPACA intact and on Nov 6th the elections have locked it in.

Being physicians who provide clinical care it is natural for us to be concerned about being paid sufficiently and what new rules and regulations we will have to meet. From years of experience with managed care we can forecast some of what will be in store for us.

To the extent the physician leaders in AMA, state medical associations and the local component medical societies believe physicians historically had too much control over medicine, earned too much money, and had too great of a say in what services patient would receive, the leaders have at this point remedied all that. To the extent that these leaders felt medicine should be controlled by government and not the medical profession, that aspect too has now been remedied.

Certainly we will hear two sets of dialogues from these same physician leaders. One which commiserates with clinical physicians being pushed into added regulatory requirements and insolvency. The second, which will advocate that we look on the bright side of things.

Going forward, the physicians who sought American National Health Insurance for administrative and bureaucratic reasons have their objects met. For the physicians who simply wanted to practice medicine and make a decent living it is time to do a reality check.


Let’s get to work!

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The Presidential Election is over and the results were a complete surprise and very disappointing. The liberal media would like to have us think conservatives did something wrong and needs to change. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This years Republican Candidates did great.

We just didn’t get enough votes, so what we really needed was more. The Democrats rallied their base better than we did…..PERIOD.

It is time to re-group, re-think and re-plan how we will be successful in the next round of elections. The Tea Party movement and conservatism are stronger than ever.

Let’s get to work so we can get America back on track!


We Need a New U.S. Senator for California

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America has some of the finest hospitals, physicians and nurses the world has ever known. We also have a health care system that is struggling with issues of affordability and access.  We need a transformational realignment that moves us back toward a system that is affordable and once again, at its core, consists of a medical provider, and a patient, in an exam room.

Obamacare has undermined positive health care reforms that have been underway since the late 1990s and its skyrocketing costs have become a major deterrent to America`s corporate stability.  Even more alarming for individual taxpayers and families, congressional budget analysts are now estimating that nearly 6 million Americans – most of them middle class – will have to pay a penalty for not getting health insurance once Obamacare is fully in place.

That`s 2 million more than previously estimated, or a 50 percent increase, with an average penalty of nearly $1,200.

The recent Supreme Court ruling has brought Obamacare`s hidden taxes to the light of day and Dianne Feinstein proudly doubled down on her support of them. With a price tag double what the Democrats promised and growing exponentially every day, the “Affordable Care Act” may be the most ironic title for a major bill in the history of Congress.

This dishonest attempt at health care reform should be repealed before its regulations and price controls further damage availability and quality of care.  It should bereplaced with policies that target specific health market concerns: quality, affordability and access.

The Problem:

  • Our system of healthcare in which third-party payers pay for care has worked to separate the consumer of health care from the provider, weakening the doctor-patient relationship.  Disconnected from the cost of care, some consumers have over-used the system.
  • Employers are encouraged by our tax system to be the purchasers of health insurance.  Attempting to contain costs, employers have opted for the various forms of managed care.  Health plan administrators have denied care, questioned doctors` judgments, and created a blizzard of paperwork in an attempt to limit their expenditures.
  • With rising costs, the number of uninsured patients has risen (including many working uninsured).  The rise in the uninsured led to a greater number of people with no preventive care, which in turn has led to people seeking care at trauma centers and emergency rooms.
  • With private health plans and government programs providing inadequate reimbursement, trauma centers and emergency departments are incurring huge losses.
  • The fundamental problem is that the federal government has opted to use price controls and “command and control” style regulations instead of power of the marketplace.  The marketplace, with appropriate supervision and safe-guards, will always be the most efficient way to allocate health care resources.
  • In addition to this basic problem, uncertainty over future regulations and costs of Obama-care is a major impediment that is making employers reluctant to hire new employees and expand their businesses.  This massive new federal law is exacerbating the budget crisis for states.  States have received little or uncertain guidance from the Administration on future costs and restrictions under the law.  This creates an unfavorable environment for state budgets and the economy as a whole.

The Solution:

  • Create a system that reconnects doctors and patients, both in the quality and cost of care, rather than a massive government health care bureaucracy.  Health insurance should be portable and insurers should not be allowed to discriminate based on pre-existing conditions.  Allowing consumers to buy insurance across state lines will lower the cost of insurance.
  • Remove Obamacare`s barriers to market-oriented solutions and force health care providers to compete for patients` business based on both quality and cost.  We must make it easier for individuals and small businesses to purchase coverage instead of tilting the scales for employer-provided insurance.
  • The key to making Medicare affordable while maintaining the quality of health care is more patient involvement, more choices among Medicare health plans, and more competition.  Market mechanisms should be utilized to drive down costs that are presently skewed by the government footprint in the healthcare system.  A menu of additional Medicare plans, some with lower premiums, higher co-payments and improved catastrophic coverage, should be added to the current program to encourage competition.  Only by empowering Medicare beneficiaries to exercise their purchasing power – instead of setting reimbursement rates in Washington – can we begin to have competition that will control costs and improve quality of care.
  • For Medicaid, modest co-payments should be introduced except for preventive services.  The program should be turned over entirely to the states with federal financing supplied by a “no strings attached” block grant.  States should then allow Medicaid recipients to purchase a health plan of their choosing with a risk-adjusted Medicaid grant that phases out as income similarly rises.
  • Seniors and disabled individuals should have the right to opt out of Medicare or Medicaid if they so choose.  Seniors have no choice but to accept Medicare if they want to receive the Social Security benefits that they paid into the system.  Free citizens deserve better treatment under the law.  Similarly, some states require that all disability benefits be tied to Medicaid.  This means that families who seek help for one disability need are sent checks that they didn`t ask for and don`t need.  Our safety net system should be more flexible and provide more choices if it is to survive.

Obamacare may be one of the most important reasons why retiring Dianne Feinstein is crucial to our national cause – she is painfully out-of-touch with the American people, and her insistence on cheerleading this law is the most profound demonstration yet why California needs new energy and a fresh start in the U.S. Senate.

The simple truth is that Obamacare will continue to have a negative impact on job creation and hiring, and businesses as well as families will be forced to continue to grapple with all of the uncertainty and costs the law creates.

Only with new leadership in Washington can we expand access and lower costs through competition and choice while keeping in mind our responsibility to care for the truly vulnerable without raising taxes or increasing debt.

I will vote to repeal the Obamacare tax dragging down our economy and hurting families. Dianne Feinstein won`t. It`s a simple choice.


By Wayne Iverson, MD, San Diego, CA

Mitt Romney was brilliant Monday night such that the folks heavily invested in seeing their man prevail in a kickboxing match were disappointed. There was no blood and no one had their nose broke. Obama had a gunnysack of things he was ready to unleash but never had a chance to play them.

In the simplest of terms, Romney used the debate Monday night as an opportunity remind the country where the US currently stands in its Foreign Policy, how we got to this point and how deficient the Obama Administration has been in its dealings this past 4 years. Regardless of who’s President, the US will respond similarly on some fundamental issues. Romney laid these out when he agreed that the US had engaged correctly in a variety of actions. But Romney was devastating accurate in how Obama was either too little too late or missed pursuing the best course in dealing with our Foreign Policy issues. Romney did empty his gunnysack of Obama’s deficiencies in this dialog by mentioning that Obama: sought to put daylight between the US and Israel, snubbed Israel to ingratiate himself with Israel’s enemies, trusting in Kofi Annan and the Russians to help in Syria, failing to help dissidents in Iran, undertaking an Apology Tour, and more.

The best Obama could do is say that he was happy Romney found agreement with him and that Romney was a flip flopper. Romney’s response was quite appropriately: the US Foreign Policy is not about me, rather our Foreign Policy is where we are and where we need to go. Then Romney would launch a superb discussion of an issue and solution, and he did this repeatedly through the Debate. Especially insightful to the issue of an effective Foreign Policy is having the US be economically strong at home so we have to ability to follow through in matters around the world. On that subject Obama had no defense, and that was Checkmate !

Mitt Romney showed the country that he is an intelligent mature individual ready to lead. He could have scolded Obama all night long, but what we need is an appropriate leader as President and Romney clearly showed he is that person.


Come to East County Tea Party Saturday Sept 8!

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This Saturday in El Cajon, California two AAPS members, our CA Coordinator, Wayne Iverson, MD and Connie Uribe, MD will be featured speakers at the Restore and Save America Tea Party.

Details are below.  We hope to see you there!  Other speakers include Congressman Duncan Hunter, U.S. Senate Candidate Elizabeth Emken, & House Candidate Nick Popaditch.

Additional information can be found at http://eastcountyteaparty.org/events/



East County TEA Party Meeting

Saturday  September 8,  2012
1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Prescott Promenade
201 E. Main Street
El Cajon, CA  92020


Join us for our featured speakers:

Hon Congressman Duncan D Hunter Jr.
U.S. Senate Candidate Elizabeth Emken
KCBQ Radio Talk Show Host Rick Amato
KFMB Radio Talk Show Host Mike Slater
Michael Crimmins, Candidate for Congress, 51st District
Hon Brian Jones,  CA  State Assemblyman
Dr Constance Uribe, M.D.
Dr Wayne Iverson, M.D.
Nick Popaditch, Candidate for Congress,  53rd District
Hon Joel Anderson,  CA State Senator


August 11, California Chapter Reception

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Join your colleagues for a reception

on Saturday, August 11, 2012

Long Beach, California


DATE: Saturday, August 11, 2012
WHEN: 6:00pm to 7:00pm
LOCATION: Westin Long Beach

333 East Ocean Boulevard

Long Beach, California, 90802

COST: FREE, Drinks and Hors d’oeuvres.(RSVP Requested)CLICK HERE TO RSVP

Reception Information:

AAPS California members and supporters, please join us for a reception on Saturday August 11.

Join your freedom minded colleagues for conversation, drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and brief presentations about AAPS educational, legal and political initiatives stop the assault on patients from government and other third-party bureaucrats.  You’ll also learn how you can help in this fight.

Reception Presenters:

Jane Orient, MD – AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, MD will talk about the latest AAPS initiatives to protect patient-centered medicine from ObamaCare, big insurance, bankrupt government plans and out-of-control hospitals.


Wayne Iverson, MD – California Chapter Coordinator Wayne Iverson, MD will give an update on the upcoming  2012 elections and how physicians can best step up to help elect candidates who will work to repeal ObamaCare.