Sick and Sicker Screening Disclaimer

Wayne L. Iverson, MD, MBA
P.O. BOX 420697
OFFICE PHONE: (858) 674-4542 FAX: (858) 674-4543
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Dear Friends,

You’ve been invited to a movie/discussion group that I think you’ll enjoy. I am solely responsible for presenting this program. As noted in the flyer, this program was not approved for showing by Scripps Memorial Hospital LJ or Scripps Health. It is not supported nor affiliated with either and has not been previously screened for showing on the Scripps campus. It does not represent Scripps’ views on healthcare or healthcare reform.

I personally think there is value and validity to this presentation and as a practicing physician at Scripps, have made arrangements to share this movie with those interested.

Wayne Iverson, MD, MBA



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